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Team 2016 is comprised of: 

 Ewing High School

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What is FIRST?
FIRST® stands for: 
       Inspiration and
        Recognition of
         Science and

Vision of FIRST
“To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology heroes.“ ~Dean Kamen

Our team embraces Dean Kamen’s vision. We are very passionate that any individual, disability or not, is able to explore the worlds of science and technology thus encouraging them to become our future scientists, engineers and technologists.

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Mission, Platform and Community Outreach
Team 2016 integrates FIRST® with the Deaf Community increasing Awareness in Deaf Schools.

Also Team 2016 participates in several community outreach activities that foster student development and serve the public. 

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Team Leadership
Team 2016 is set up in a hierarchy of individuals. The head of the team, the Team Captain, maintains order in the team, keeping an effective system of communication between the technical and business sides of the team. 

Our team is composed of smaller subteams. Each subteam has a specific task be it involving the robot itself, or the whole team.

Industry experts in specific fields of engineering and business devote time to guiding and supporting students through building robots. 

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2016 Season Team 2016

Project IFADS

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Other Robotics Resources
Chief Delphi - forum for FIRST discussions

The Blue Alliance – website with data and video of FIRST teams and events

Think Tank WPI – website with papers and presentations from FIRST members

The Red Alliance – Website with webcasts during competition season & information

Andy Mark – Robotic parts supplier


Our Team Goals
  • To promote Project IFADS by integrating FIRST® with the Deaf Community
  • To educate ourselves and our community on what FIRST® is all about
  • To encourage participation among people of all ages
  • To make connections and friendships everywhere we go
  • To do community service where help is needed
  • To reach out to the public and spread the teachings of science and technology
  • To help out any team that needs it whenever possible
  • To spread our team values
  • To teach basic sign language to our entire team

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